216 Web-Safe Colors

The term "216 Web-Safe Colors" refers to a set of 216 colors that were widely used in web design during the early years of the Internet. These colors were carefully selected to ensure that they would display consistently across different monitors and web browsers, which often had limited color capabilities. Each color in the palette is identified by a hexadecimal value, which makes it easy for designers and developers to use them in HTML and CSS code.

The importance of these web-safe colors was their ability to ensure consistency and compatibility across different browsers, which made the user experience more visually appealing. Additionally, they helped to reduce image file sizes, which made web pages load faster, addressing bandwidth limitations. Although modern web design has moved beyond using only these 216 colors due to technological improvements, they remain relevant to accessibility and user experience design principles, serving as a reminder of the early days of the internet.

Each color in the table is a shorthand for the RGB color. For example, code 369 is equivalent to RGB code R:51, G:102, B:153, or HEX code #336699

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216 Web-Safe Colors List of Colors

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