RAL Design System Plus

The RAL Design System Plus is a highly advanced color table created by Germany's RAL GmbH. It's an all-encompassing and flexible color system that caters to the needs of designers, architects, and manufacturers from various industries. RAL Design System Plus is famous for its accuracy, vast array of colors, and innovative color notation system, making it an invaluable tool for professionals who require precise and diverse color options.

What distinguishes RAL Design System Plus is its advanced way of categorizing and communicating colors. Unlike regular color tables, it uses a seven-digit alphanumeric code to specify colors accurately. This code includes details about hue, lightness, and chroma, enabling a detailed and nuanced description of each color. With over 2,300 solid colors and over 200 metallic and pearlescent shades, it provides a wide range of options, catering to even the most intricate design and aesthetic needs.

Designers and architects, in particular, favor the RAL Design System Plus for its high level of accuracy and customization in color selection. It provides the tools to create exclusive color palettes for interior design, branding, and industrial product development. The system's precise color notation approach ensures that chosen shades are consistently replicated across materials and industries. It is an essential resource for professionals striving for color accuracy and versatility in their projects.

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